How it all began

Refuge For Nations is an ethical brand started in 2013 in the United States as a humble means to empower refugee and immigrant women artisans to earn some fair income while taking care of children at home. Today, these talented women work from home from many states across United States with many unique fashion and lifestyle product lines. Revolutionizing cottage industry with high standards for quality and artistry, this iconic brand blends the traditional with the contemporary in ways that never cease to win appeal of western women.

Refuge For Nations has carved out a unique market segment for reviving the art of embroidery, needle work, quilting, appliqué and sewing to create women apparel uniting the rich heritage of the East with the western trends, thus creating more opportunities for artisans to protect their age-old art impacting the lives of women who have chosen to make America their new home.

International women artisans not only find employment but access to holistic support including, maternal health care, wellness and nutrition education, low-income housing, and legal aid (pro bono). Refuge For Nations has always infused a conscious effort to address issues such as the safe environment, specific needs and rights, security and most importantly – the empowerment of women.

Its growing presence outside of Michigan – through fair-trade networks, home parties and the online shopping– continues to broaden the market for women’s crafts nationally and globally.

Our Locations

    • Dearborn
    • Clinton Township
    • Rochester
    • Minneapolis
    • Brookfield
  • Milwaukee
    • St. Louis